Welcome to A View From Our Window!

We have developed this wiki as a worldwide collaborative writing assignment. As a member of our Wiki we ask that you post a picture looking out your classroom or office window. Then you can add creative essays under the views from other windows. See our section on COMMENTING for ASSISTANCE and to JOIN. Together we will build a wonderful collection of imagery and creativity.

For starters, here is a view from my window.


Ben - in an office on the 2nd floor - Albemarle, North Carolina - USA
What is that just past the building? Could that be a playground? I love playgrounds. Maybe there is a long slide with a tunnel and lots of loops. We could slide for hours just swishing down the tube and laughing for joy. Or maybe there is a swing. Oh the places I can fly on a swing. I like to dream I am a World War I Flying Ace. Look over there! The RED BARRON! Zoom - I swoop in for a closer look. Oh no, he spotted me! Now I am swinging back and over the hills to get away. I make a mad dash for the clouds. Just before he shoots me down. I make a jump for it. Falling..... Ahhhhhhh.... Pull the parachute! Whew, safe and sound on the ground.

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Oh the places we will go...